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Headache Treatment

More than 8 million Americans visit their doctor every year for headaches – but 45 million Americans 

complain of headaches in that same year! This is no different in Rapid City! Some new patients of mine 

right here in Rapid City have described their headaches as ‘normal.’ As much research and continuing 

education I have done over the years, I have never found an ICD code for ‘normal’ headaches! Meaning 

there is no way to report a ‘normal headache’. The pain felt from headaches can have many different 

sources of the symptom. 

The difficult part, of course, is understanding WHY you have a headache in the first place.  Does 

chiropractic help ALL types of headaches?  Of course not!  Have you visited your eye doctor?  Are you 

drinking enough water?  To understand this best, come into your local Rapid City Chiropractor, Dr. Derek 

Nelson, to learn if Chiropractic care can help relieve you of the pain caused by headaches.  If you

haven’t tried chiropractic for headaches, you might be surprised with the how QUICK the results can be!

this common ailment has been treated successfully for decades by thousands of different chiropractors

with the focus to alleviate the pain associated with headaches. 

Although there are many different ways that Chiropractic can help, many don’t realize that seeing your 

local Rapid City Chiropractor, Dr. Derek Nelson, is a quick, affordable option to help you live the life you 

desire without the pain of headaches. Give us a call today so we can start learning what some of the 

causes of your pain are and if chiropractic is the solution to alleviate your pain. 

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