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Lifting a baby

Believe it or not, we see this a lot.  You can avoid certain hobbies or interests. You can avoid work a day or two… sometimes.  But as a parent, you Read More


If you follow Nelson Chiropractic on social media you likely hear me use the word subluxation at least once or a twice a week. Once you figured out how to Read More

The Weather Outside is Frightful…And My Back Doesn’t Feel Delightful….

Every winter, we get a few big snowstorms and inevitably, our patients will come in with low back pain after shoveling too much. Probably one of the worst things you Read More

Preventing Injuries for Hunters

Kids are back to school, the weather is slowing teasing us that fall is coming, and if you were lucky enough to draw a tag or two you are preparing Read More

If you don’t have a lot of time…

Unfortunately – we can’t plan for an accident or illness.  Most of the time, when we have pain, we are in the middle of a whirl wind and it’s rather Read More

A close to 2021…

As I reflect on this past year, it always amazes me how much change can occur in one year. Certain aspects of our office cause us to pull records and Read More

Athletes and Chiropractic

If you are reading this, most likely, you or a child of yours has injured themselves in a sporting event. Also likely, there is a concern for getting that athlete Read More

Chiropractic and Golf

When I first moved to Rapid City in 2008, I assumed I would treat lots and lots of football and hockey players.  While we see a significant number of these Read More

What to Expect on Your First Visit

So You’ve Never Been to a Chiropractor… Growing up with a grandfather who was a chiropractor, I take for granted that I know how it works and don’t spend a lot Read More

Headaches: Is Chiropractic the Cure for Yours?

You probably clicked on this headline hoping I have the magic cure! First and foremost, headaches can be caused by several factors. Like everything in healthcare, seldom is there a one Read More

Chiropractic and Bed Wetting

Chiropractic and Bed Wetting … And you thought chiropractic was only for headaches and low back pain!  You may ask yourself how in the world can a chiropractor possibly help with Read More

Viewing 1 - 11 out of 16 posts

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